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Adults • Students • Teens
Counselling and therapy can be seen in some ways as troubleshooting, whether that be solving problems from the result of restricted or unavailable resources, reconciling psychological and emotional challenges, understanding drives or motivations from past relationships and experiences, building a wider net of knowledge around real events, and/or understanding how our thoughts and feelings are shaped by influences of the social systems we live in.

It wouldn’t be an uncommon feeling that the idea of counselling is some form of admission that there is something wrong with us, which can stop the desire to speak to someone altogether. However, the reason to pursue counselling is much less burdensome and far more practical. It is for us to observe and gain knowledge, of our situations and perspectives, to equip us with real tools that we can use to better navigate and build on our experiences.
Find personal direction and harmony in life, family, and relationships
Seek deeper meaning and purpose through finding new methods of moving forward
Deal effectively with significant life transitions
Create self-regulation strategies to manage emotional responses
Bolster better outcomes using psychological education
In our first session we’ll focus on formulating a plan together to address your immediate, near-future, and longer-term needs.
Couples • Partnerships
It’s time to seek relationship counselling when there is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your interactions with your partner. Counselling supports couples that wish to become proactive about fortifying their bonds, which can bring about discovering new strengths in a relationship.

When we feel uncertain, at risk, and exposed, a counsellor assists with leaning into challenging conversations about vulnerability, discomfort, and intolerance by prompting us not to tap out for the sake of ourselves and our relationship. In this setting we can develop an awareness of perspectives to bring about the confidence to keep leaning into conversations as opposed to shielding up.

Relationship counselling can bring about the acceptance that two people can sometimes come to a crossroad, where the voice of a third party can more smoothly facilitate effective listening and understanding.
Develop stronger mutual emotional and mental support
Handle conflicts, disagreements, and infidelity
Address repeating behaviour patterns
Tackle stress, anxiety, and depression as a team
Address family trauma, addiction, and abuse
Safely explore marriage, family planning, career and education goals, and financial decision-making
Better understand attachment and relationship styles, intimacy, and sexuality
The session space objectively establishes the right to feel seen and heard, simultaneously supporting opportunities for the creation of new ideas and deeper understanding.
Teams • Companies • Organisations
The provision of mental health and wellbeing support to employees can include individual or group coaching sessions, as well as counselling services to help individuals improve their skills, achieve personal or professional goals, and enhance their overall performance.

Sessions are designed to address a range of challenges and issues that employees may face in their personal or professional lives, such as stress, anxiety, burnout, conflict resolution, communication, and leadership development.

By providing coaching, counselling, and therapy services, organisations can create a supportive and healthy work environment that values the wellbeing of their employees.
Improve mental health and wellbeing, reduce employee stress, increase productivity, lower absenteeism, and reduce healthcare costs
Enhance communication and collaboration within teams, reduce workplace conflict and increase effectiveness
Improve leadership skills, employee engagement, and overall organisational outcomes
Demonstrate commitment to employee wellbeing and promote a supportive organisational culture
In consultation we can address specific needs, and the structural and cultural spectrum of your organisation, to develop a tangible and goal-oriented roadmap backed by study.
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