Nice to meet you, I’m Dane
I am a psychologist offering a range of coaching, counselling, and therapy services to adults, students, couples, and companies around the world.

My job is helping people navigate challenging situations and find lasting solutions for achieving well-being, drawing on a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology.
Coaching gives guidance and support to people or teams to help them achieve goals, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles. It involves clarifying, structuring, and developing strategies with a goal-oriented approach.
Life Transitions • Career • Leadership • Motivation • Productivity • Creativity • Stress Management • Work-Life Balance
Counselling explores emotional or behavioral issues that are causing distress or interfering with daily life, using techniques to achieve greater self-awareness, resolve conflicts, and build on self regulation strategies.
Relationships • Marriage • Family • Gender • Sexuality • Conflict • Addiction • Anger Management • Eating Disorders • Aging
Therapy is the adaptive process of creating psychological interventions, using techniques and modalities to help people improve their emotional, psychological, and overall well-being.
Anxiety • Depression • Self-Esteem • Intimacy • Grief • Loss • Phobias • Abuse • Trauma • PTSD • Loneliness • Harmful Thoughts • Mental Health Disorders
Having decided you wish to speak with someone about your situation, we will take an organised approach in order to:
Identify areas of improvement or concern
Unpack and compartmentalise affecting factors
Develop useful emotional regulation strategies
Access the motivation to continue moving forward
Selecting methods from professional coaching, counselling, and therapeutic orientations, according to an individual’s unique needs, develops maximal personal benefits through:
Fostering an effective therapeutic alliance in session
Using evidence-based psychological intervention techniques
Formulating realistic, timely, and goal-oriented plans
Psychoeducation for deeper reflection and lasting change
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